Kimonos: Why they’re perfect for everyone….even the Lazy!!!

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If you hang around me long enough, you will eventually hear me justify why everyone needs at least one kimono in their wardrobe.  Not only are they trendy but they also have the added benefit of fitting into almost every look that you see fit. And what’s even better, (like I really have to argue any further, since you’re already hooked), but they can even be made right at home. (You can preview the beginning of one of the styles I made, while I was living in Chile). However, that’s a topic for another day. Presently, I want to show the versatility of this beautiful thing. You can look sophisticated while having a night out with the girls to  laid-back, I-didnt-try-to-hard-but-I-still-look-awesome, and everything in between. Which, for those laid back types this look is especially for you.  Yes, even you, the one at home, that is sitting in her jammies, which probably hasn’t been washed in weeks….I’ll make you a believer.  And who cares if you don’t leave the house. That’s why God invented Instagram and Facebook. (Smile, I just made a joke.)

So, lets start with my work in progress and then we can work our way through the upscale-do and down to the most important.

Here, I took a take on the traditional make of the kimono. I love how I can pair this with jeans for an easy, casual look; as well as, dress it up with a skirt for an evening out. That’s the beauty of these bad boys, in that, you don’t have to do much thinking to look pristine. What do you think and have you ever attempted to make anything? This was my first attempt at sewing. EVER.

Processed with Moldiv

Below are my ideas that I gathered from the web and I do not own. You can click the pictures to be brought to the site.


And for the Boho, more laid back Inspired look you can check out all these beautiful sets at Spell Designs, just click here.

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