Nude Pumps: One of the Essentials for Every Female

Why Nude Pumps are one pair of shoes that every girl should own.

Nude Pumps

There are certain items that every female must have in her wardrobe and nude pumps should be near the top of the list, if not first. Why, one might ask? Well, for starters, they essentially go with everything you own. Can’t figure out how to pair that somewhat orange but maybe its closer to marigold dress that is sitting in the back of your closet. Grab the nude heels. I pretty much guarantee that it will look chic. Need another reason to accept these beauties for the premier of the essential list.  How about that these bad boys will elongate your  gorgeous legs. Yes, they’re almost magic. However, the key to this is to choose shades that are closest to your skin tone. So, on your next outing, slip on your favorite dress and pair it with these wonderful heels. You will thank me later. Happy Styling! 🙂

Below are some versatile ways to wear these gorgeous heels.

Nude Pumps: From Up-Scale Casual to Laid Back

As you can see, a simple pair of dark denim skinny jeans or even a worn pair of boyfriends, will look just fine with these amazing pumps.


Nude Pumps: From Classy to Refined

These shoes simply dress well with every evening wear that you see fit. For those who are more budget minded, check out this lovely pair from Nordstrom Rack for under $17.00.

Nude Pumps: Simply Eye Candy

For those who love the Crème de la Crème of designer shoes, these four are my favorites, when it comes to the nude shoes.

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