Kandinsky Inspiration: What is YOUR meaning of life?

Kandinsky Inspiration
“Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential.” Kandinsky

Abstract art for some individuals can be interpreted as a cacophony of color and shapes with no overall meaning. However, this is due to the misunderstanding of what’s being represented. Kandinsky, a Russian painter, was known as one of the original abstract artists of the 19th Century. I could go into the meaning of his paintings, as well as the phases, however, that would take too much time and disrupt the real reason of why I love his art. For me, Kandinsky’s idea of life is what I most appreciate. You see, he believes in creativity, in the human spirit, and most importantly in self-expression. He believed that without this the human was an empty shell or more like a machine. That in modern society, the standardization of life created the loss of individuality. When I designed the set above it was for a contest in which the skirt was the main focus. I immediately thought of Kandinsky when I saw it. However, the overall message of the set came later. You see, I believe, like Kandinsky, that modernization has taken away in-novation. Instead of writing your own story, you become the character of someone else’s fairytale. And this is where fashion can be very important. Fashion is not about buying the brands and labeling yourself as someone who can afford, or more likely can’t afford, the designers. It’s about expressing who you are inside. It’s wearable art. It’s an extension of your personality just like the makeup you choose as well as the activities you engage in. When you choose to go against your inner self, you become the product of someone else’s idea. Which is why I question the validity, when I hear individuals say they are fashionistas. Are you stating this cause you found a deal on your favorite designer jeans. Or that you know all the trends that should be worn this summer. If this is true, you could be a fashionista or you could also be labeled as a lemming-ista. It’s a pretty conditional state and I know most would want the former. In my concept, how do you avoid the risk of becoming a lemming…..well it’s pretty easy. First give yourself the chance to follow your instincts, to explore the trends but also buy what you truly like. I’m not telling you what you should do, but merely asking you to give yourself the right to push the borders and cross boundaries (in a safe way, of course) because you deserve it. You are unique and no one else can write your story. I promise that when you start this process, your confidence will grow and your self-image will strengthen. This is what is important in life and it can be incorporated into everything, just not fashion. So, start being the author of yourself instead of being the product of someone else’s external process.

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