Decorating Steps to Pull off the Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

I recently designed this set for an Outdoor Contest, which the results are still pending. I wanted to give a whimsical theme of being near the shore. I don’t know about you, but my favorite moments with friends have always centered around an al fresco dining. I believe it has to do with the casual atmosphere that can still be done with sophistication. Plus, eating outside always adds a little oomph to any party. But how do you pull off such a wonderful affair. Well, it comes down to a couple key elements. For simplicity purposes, I’m going to choose the seashore to give other examples for aid. Let me know what you think and if you want to see other themed parties. Enjoy!

Al Fresco Dining

First choose the perfect dinnerware. By starting with this, you are determining the color scheme. However, don’t get to strict with your ideas or believe that everything needs to match. Creating an eclectic array of dishes will make your party more laid-back.

al fresco dining

Unless your table is hideous, skip the tablecloth and showcase it with a beautiful centerpiece.

al fresco dining

Bring indoor furniture outdoors to create an “outdoor room.” As well as,  thick, comfortable cushions to keep your guests lingering. Not only can you place this around the table but also creating “cozy” areas for conversation off to the side.

Set up designated tables, such as “desert-table” or “drink-table” to encourage your guests to move about and mingle.

Create Ambiance with themed decorations though-out your backyard.

Make sure you have plenty of lighting when the sun begins to set by hanging paper lanterns on nearby trees and placing candles throughout.

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