Weekend Style Inspiration with Neon

Weekend Style

Whether you’re into the trend or not, Neon colors continue to have a lasting impression that can bring wanted or unwanted attention by your choice in styling. Since, I just did a “how-to” post on boyfriend jeans, I’m going to skip the nitty-gritty and get right to it on how to do it. (Hey, that rhymed. Yeah, this post is going to be AWESOME). 🙂

 It’s actually quite easy, so don’t listen to anyone who has a colossal list of do’s and don’ts. For starters, neon is noticeable and will make you stand out from everyone around you. However, just like horizontal stripes shouldn’t be worn on your most-troubled areas, neither should neon. Pair your choice of neon with neutral colors, black, or gray. This will bring cohesion and also pop the color. Unless it s an 80s themed party, please don’t pair all of your accessories with your favorite shade. A subtle necklaces or studs are suitable, but anything further spells disaster. And for those that are just venturing into this territory, starting with accessories is always a safe bet. You will be surprised by how a small necklace or neon bracelet will truly enhance your outfit. Even consider neon nail polish as a starting point.

And when all else fails, forget what I’ve said above, and do what you feel is best. These ladies look amazing!

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