Day 1 of Comic-Con

Top Anime Characters-Victorique

For those of you that are unaware, Comic-Con starts today in San Diego, CA. I designed this set for any of my anime-geeks (I hope it’s still “cool” to say geeks). And for those of you that are scratching his/her head at what the excitement is all about, well, lets describe it like this: You know how there is this thing in New York called Fashion Week. Well, that’s the opening band for Comic-Con. (Yeah, I see my business partners shaking their head at that joke….I kid, I kid). 🙂

Anyway, GOSICK is high on my list of my Favorite Anime Series of all times. If you haven’t seen it, or if you are new to Anime, I believe it’s a great place to start. I should note that I’m more partial to the  mystery-adventure/romance stories. The main character, Victorique (the girl shown above), is a likable heroine. She’s a little bratty, but aren’t we all at some point, along with brains and beauty. She’s emotionally strong but physically weak with Kujo as her faithful bodyguard. If you decide to check it out, give it a little time, since the beginning is a little slow and please let me know what you think. If GOSICK isn’t your favorite, what are some other ones that you enjoy? Have a great evening and enjoy. Happy Comic-Con!

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