DIY Saturday with JUTE

DIY Saturday Twine Vase

Hello World

I realized that since I’ve gotten further in this blog that my interests are quite vast. I mentioned this in my second or third post that my hobbies are to have hobbies. However, to you, the beautiful viewers, my blog is a grab bag of passions on any given day. So, keeping with “Back to School” and making life a little more uncluttered, I decided to cleanup my act and provide a better solution for readability. Hopefully, I can stick to a plan that I have designed for myself, but here it is:

Monday: Fashion and Style: Inspiration, ideas, How-To’s, etc

Wednesday: Home/Interior Design, Party Planning, and Artful Inspiration

Friday: Beauty, Hair, and Makeup

Saturday: DIY

If any of you multi-talented or multi-topic bloggers have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

So, in honor of DIY-Saturday….Lets start this!


“Vase resurfaced with Jute Twine”

This project was designed by my sister, who is the “DIY QUEEN,” of our house. She purchased the Jute at, click here for this as well as other great discounts that this site offers. Her vase and decorative ball mix were both purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Supplies for Twine Vase

The photo below was taken from Es Manualidades and can be used for reference of the steps provided below. Her blog is fully packed with DIY and is a great site for other ideas.

Tutorial Wrapping Twine

  1. To begin, place a small drop of glue at the bottom-side of the base and adhere the end of the twine to it. Allow this to dry for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Next, twist the twine around the base, adding a drop of glue every two inches. Make sure the twine is taut against the side of the base to prevent sagging.
  3. Continue, the above steps, until the vase starts to bend inward. At this point, you will need to add the drops of glue every inch or less, depending on how narrow your vase changes. If you still have trouble adhering the twine, you can place a small amount of glue on top of your last row laid for extra adherence.
  4. To end: Place a small drop of glue and adhere the newly cut end of your twine until it dries.


Jute Twine Finished Vase

Fill it with whatever you see fit or wrap a bow around it for extra flair.

I hope this gave you inspiration and enjoy!

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