Vintage Wedding Dresses for the Modern Day Bride



Vintage Dresses for the Modern Woman

For the girl who wants the touch of class and a look that stands above all, a vintage-inspired wedding dress should highly be considered. The classic elements of lace or crystal embellishments combined with sheer fabrics will compliment any woman’s shape. Your wedding dress should embody your personality, and originality is exactly what this dress will give off. I present two designers, Ana Campbell and  Zahabit Tshuba, that I believe are the best designers for Vintage Wedding Dresses at this present moment. Both of these women’s work can be found worldwide. Below are my favorite pieces from them for inspiration on this special day.

Vintage Wedding Dress Designer: Ana Campbell

Ana Campbel Vintage Dress

Starting with one of my favorite designers, if I dare to say the one I consider the best, Anna Campbell is a well known Designer from Australia. Her creations are like stepping into a fairytale with the dream-like flow of her garmets. This “Aisling” Dress, featured above, is covered in lace with pearls dripping at the top. It’s timeless and elegant with the perfect combination of grace and glamour.

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