Gladiator Sandals: Easy DIY to Create Length


DIY gladiator Sandals

A quick post, since it’s Saturday Night and yours truly should have left the house 10 minutes ago. However, from time to time a topic gets mentally rewritten so many times that I need to type it out before I lose my sanity.

Sorry, Megs, I promise I’ll be there soon.

I wanted to show this easy DIY project that I designed for a contest a couple of months ago. The contest had two requirements: 1).a Fashion DIY topic and 2). an Improvement for a general problem. Immediately, I thought of the gladiator sandal, due to the issues that I normally have encountered. For one, especially for petites, the gladiator sandal is designed for a standard calf length and tends to hit right at my knee. Not only does this cause irritation from the constant friction but it also creates an illusion of a shortened stature. I don’t know about you, but at 5’1” I’m not looking to become any shorter.

DIY Gladiator Sandals will Increase Your Height

Why is this, you may ask, well in the presence of this certain time constraint, I’ll quickly answer this to the best of my knowledge without finding any scientific evidence. (Who needs Science anyway) 🙂 The reason for this illusion is the visual effect that the boots create by ending right at the knee. This causes the viewer, your peers or your friends, to see the length of your leg cut in half. Therefore, the easiest way to increase this length is to avoid anything that causes such a severe abruption from head to toe, i.e boots that cut at the knee creates this horizontal disturbance. By trying this DIY you can choose how far up the calf you want to go, which if I may give my two esthetic cents, you want it to stop at least 1-2 inches below the knee. This is one way “We Shorties” can fib our way to Model Stature. Now off I go before I catch hell and I hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe night. Happy Styling!

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