DIY With Nail Polish


Welcome to another one of my favorite Weekend Segments, DIY. Last week, I showed some innovative and genius ways to display your jewelry as art. Click here for this post. So, this week I decided to stick with the same theme and demonstrate DIY-ing with a household item that almost every girl has in her bathroom…nail polish. Every activity I selected I made sure that it was not only relatively easy but also inexpensive. I designed simple and downloadable images of the projects for you all to have at your disposable. However, the instructions are not of my own and is referenced for further guidance. I hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful day.

DIY Nail Polish Idea: GiFt Boxes and Tags

DIY Nail Polish Gift Boxes and Tags-2

This idea is an excellent way to package your loved ones or friend’s gifts. You could even consider it as two gifts, since they can reuse it for their own liking. Inexpensive, Innovative, Reusable, etc….You’re the Best Friend Everyone Wishes They Had.

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