OMBRE LIPS Easy “How-To”

Ombre Lips: Understanding the Gradient and Blend-Factor

But before I explain the tutorial, lets look at the main reason Ombre Lips create some difficulties. In this way you can master it with ease and adjust based on your preferences.  So here’s the Secret: It all has to do with the demarcation or transition of colors that are used. No matter how many shades of lipstick you choose, the transition between each pure color needs to be smooth. When you “color block” or your lip pencil and lipstick are not within a tonal range, you create a displeasing separation of your lips. In essence, BLEND, BLEND, BLEND the transition of colors…NOT THE COLORS TOGETHER. The picture below is an example of why blending is the crucial step for this look.Ombre Lip Blend Fail

Is it just me, or does it also remind you of the external female genitalia. NO? Oh, ok…me neither.


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