Easy HairStyles For Long Hair

Easy HairStyles For Long Hair: 5 Ways to Make Your Morning Better

5 Easy Hairstyles

So, I have a confession…I’m not a morning person. I tend to hit the snooze button three to four times and I even have an alarm that goes off in multiple successions, just to get my butt out of bed. This translates to little time to get ready for the day and get out the door. And for me, my hair tends to take the majority of my time. My long brunette locks have a special kink, when not straightened, and I’m not in favor of using hot appliances, continually, on it. Therefor, finding easy, time-efficient methods, to still look prepped for the day, is something that I gravitate towards. This is why these 5 easy hairstyles are a godsend. All of them can be done in less than 5 minutes and you will still have time to hit the snooze button…maybe one more time.

I designed each of the photos below, however, these 5 hairstyles were found on YouTube, which I’ll link each of the users below the picture. Happy Styling! 🙂

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair: French Braid Finished with a Bow

5 Easy Hairstyles French Braid

French Braid Tutorial

This french braid finished with a bow,  may be somewhat on the advanced side, but once you get the hang of it, it’s gorgeous for 2nd day hair.

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