Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween Makeup Tutorials


As we’re winding down on September, I thought getting a head start on Halloween would be a wonderful introduction to October. Perhaps, you’re not a fan of MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. The day that not only signifies to wear less and get away with it, but your poor makeup habits can come in handy…”Hey, I meant to look like a cheap whore. I even practiced it.” And with the prices of costumes equaling a paycheck, what better way to stand out then using your own makeup to perfect the best costume….EVER. It’s simple, inexpensive and I’m pretty sure no one will have your attire. So I took the liberty of finding three great tutorials to get you started. (Click through each page at the bottom to see more). I even commenced with a picture of myself, so you can see where I started and how I probably didn’t “Nail It.”

Note: Be Nice 🙂


Dismiss the bare midriff. I know its “so 2010” but I was trying to bring it back, which it didn’t work. So lets move on…..

Best Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Pin-up Skeleton

Best Halloween Makeup Pin-up Skeleton

Pin-up Skeleton Tutorial

On the fence between looking freaky or glamorous, well this tutorial is the best of both worlds. Add black leggings and a similar colored top and your outfit is set. This might be my costume for this year.

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