5 Beauty Trends You Should Know

Beauty Trends: Head Sprouts

Beauty Trends Head Sprout
A fad that started in China is the Head Sprout. (I’m not entirely sure of the name, so I made this up). All across Beijing, females, in the early to late 20’s, are adorning their head with plastic vegetation, flowers and weeds.

Beauty Trends: Brow Extensions

Beauty Trends Brow Extensions

I must admit that my eyebrows are the bane of my existence. Finding my true shape is my own Bermuda Triangle and I can never seem to know when to stop. Well, there’s good news for those “over-pluckers” or for those who want a “fuller brow” with the over-growing trend of brow extensions. Similar to eyelashes, each hair can be attached to your own hair or in cases of hair loss, such as alopecia or chemo, it can be glued directly to the skin.

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Beauty Trends

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