Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials: Part II GLAM and GORE

Get Your Halloween Makeup Ready with these Glam and Gore Styles.

HALLOWEEN Makeup Tutorial

So, I was hoping to finish my Poison Ivy Tutorial for you all, which will be my first You Tube video…EVER. However, recording yourself in general is never an easy thing, and trying to do a tutorial on Halloween Makeup, well…lets say I have some work to do as a videographer. So, I decided to give it a rest for the night and show you some Veterans who have much more experience in the YouTube World. I previously did a post on Halloween Makeup, hence the Part Deus, and wanted to bring some more lovely ladies to the table. This time around, we have the GLAM AND GORE VERSION. BOOO HAHAHA.

Again, the link below the picture will bring you to there Youtube site. Wish me luck on finishing my own tutorial and have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Best Halloween Makeup: Pop Art Zombie

Best Halloween Makeup Pop Art Zombie

Pop Art Zombie Tutorial

Have you ever watched a video and then became amazed, almost envious, with their skills. Well, that’s what happened while watching Fresh Blush perform her talent, when making this beautiful Pop Art Zombie look. It’s the best combination of gore and glam. I realize my personal You Tube Videos need to be stepped up to a whole other level after seeing her skills.

Best Halloween Makeup: Post-Op Barbie

Best Halloween Makeup Post-Op Barbie

Post-Op Barbie

Speaking of Glam & Gore, yes, this Youtuber is one of the best around. There’s a small handful of Vloggers that not only do I love their skills but I want to be their best friend. “Hello, restraining order.” Anyway, her Post-op Barbie is the latter version of the Pre-op Barbie and both are pretty easy to emulate.

Best Halloween Makeup: Wicked Witch

Best Halloween Makeup Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch Tutorial

“Where my Witches at…where my Witches at.” The last Glam and Gore look is from the beautiful Mayratouchofglam. This Youtuber has the knack for breaking down the steps so that anyone can master her looks, which you can find numerous other ones on her channel. Check it out… I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Hope you loved this weeks worth of lovely ladies. Stay tuned to next week, where Comic Book Characters are the theme. By then, I hope my Poison Ivy is ready to be shown.

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