The Best Korean Sheet Masks

Which Sheet Masks were Worth It or Should be Tossed.

Sheet Mask Review 

This past weekend was the annual Korean Festival in Houston where along with the authentic bites such as the preferred and favored kimchi, the Tteokbokki, an orangish-red street food made out of steamed rice cakes and cooked fish cakes, as well as one of my favorite desserts, Manju (which, actually, is hailed from Japan); they had a bountiful list of beauty products to try and buy.

I recently did a post on the daily skin regimen that every 30 year old should be doing, which all started from researching the Korean Skin Regimen that surfaced with such a large force this past year. One extra area that I have optimized in my beauty regimen is the use of nightly sheet masks. These single-use masks are soaked with rich ingredients, quite similar to your personal face serums, that when left over-night, they leave the skin soft, highly moisturized and supple. Now I haven’t tested every Sheet Mask out there, however, I have tried a large handful. So, today, I decided to bring to you my 5 favorite brands based on scent, reliability, comfort and price range. Enjoy

Sheet Masks Review: Peter Thomas Roth

Sheet Mask Review Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth ($68.00)

At $68 for 10 Sheet Masks, you would rarely see me buy something like this, unless it is magical. Hell, there’s plenty of other brands at a fraction of the cost that can do wonders on your face. However, this was given to me as a gift and I can happily report that Peter Thomas Roth has hit a Home Run. The scent was amazing, and although it was a bit large for my face, it didn’t drip or slide like other masks that I have used. Once removed my face was soft and supple, not wrinkle free, like it claims to produce and I doubt with repeated use that this would actually happen, but I did love the dewy,youthful affect it produced.

Sheet Masks Review: Karuna Brightening + Face Mask

Sheet Mask Review Karuna

Karuna’s Brightening Face Mask ($28.00)

For those with hyperpigmentation, Karuna’s Brightening Face Mask is one you should try. I have mentioned my battle with discoloration, and I turned to Karuna when a friend mentioned her success with it. I should add that I haven’t had the instant “Wow” factor that she encountered but it has helped a lot. Plus, it’s comfort for a nightly mask was perfect, which is high on my list, and it’s amazing scent makes me a return buyer.


Sheet Mask Review Lululun

Lululun’s face mask ($22.48)

Packed with 12 moisturizing ingredients, Lululun’s face mask is wonderful for those battling dry, lack-luster skin. Each kit comes with 32 nightly sheet masks, which makes it affordable and reasonable for those on a budget. I tried a sample one, a couple of months ago and loved this product. It had a generous amount of essence that hydrates for hours after the mask was removed. Again, the mask material was comfortable to sleep in with a soothing, rich scent that wasn’t overpowering.

Sheet Masks Review: Sephora’s Green Tea Face Mask

Sheet Mask Review Sephora

Sephora Green Tea Mask ($6.00)

I practically live at Sephora…no really, I practically do. I’m always there. So, when I saw that Sephora jumped on the band wagon and had their own facial masks, I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. I picked up the green tea mask for its ability to purify and soothe the skin, as well as prevent further break outs. It soothed my skin and kept it hydrated for hours afterwards.

Sheet Masks Review: MaskerAid “All Nighter” Sheet Mask

Sheet Mask Review Maskeraide-3

MaskerAide All Nighter Sheet Mask ($6.00)

For those nights of cramming or when you’ve been out too late with the girls, well….I got you covered. This mask is my little secret by MaskerAid. It’s cooling effects help with those dreaded eye bags and the peppermint scent is not overbearing. My favorite thing has got to be the instant refreshing feeling you have once to place this on, which almost makes you forget the past night. This is one to try or have in your emergency kit.

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