Fashion Report: The High/Low list

Fashion’s, Best Deals and Investments this Month

Fashion's High Low Report

My most recent high/low list on beauty turned out to have quite a positive review, that recreating it with fashion, made the most sense. However with fashion, I’m a little methodical with my purchases, especially in those that I consider their quality outshines their value, as in my unhealthy love affair with J Brand Jeans. Yes, they cost a mint, but my petite frame has trouble finding jeans that actually fit. So, when it comes to things I truly have a strong affection towards, my choices are directed towards the make or characteristics of the material, the production, as well as the design; not the price. And if you really think about it, you may be saving money with the inexpensive one, however, if it wears or breaks soon after you purchase it, you will only be spending more to replace it. But this doesn’t mean that high-priced items translates to worthiness. No, in fact, with a little digging and/or reviewing, you can find the best happy-medium.

Below, I designed three of my favorite items for this season. When compared side by side, you have the ability to discern what works best for you and especially where you want to invest or save. Enjoy!

The High/Low List: Cigarette Pants

The High/low List Cigarette Pants

Cigarette Trousers ($385.88) / High Waist Slim ($14.92)

Whether you’re looking for casual elegance or need to add some edge to your overall vanilla wardrobe, cigarette pants are one item you should have this fall. Yes, both of the above differ in style and most noticeably price, however, leather detailing on high-end material will always increase the cost. But the simpler version on the right, is not something to be overlooked. It’s perfect for your work week, especially with those heels.

The High/Low List: Suede Moto Jacket

The High/low List Suede Moto Jacket

Suede Motorcycle Jacket ($528.00) / Faux Suede Moto Jacket ($78.00)

Who says the classic Moto jacket needs to be made just with leather, especially when you can have this exquisite buy on the left. Anine Bing the designer, the fashionista and also may I add the Rock Star..seriously, Google it, is the brain child behind this beautiful jacket. I love her casual chic look by pairing this jacket with a white tee, gold bangles, and jeans…easy peasy. And yes, the version on the right holds no candle to Anine’s, but at a fraction of the cost, it still has the appeal to dress up your favorite designer jeans and leave money in the bank.

The High/Low List: Camel Cable Knit

The High/low List Camel Cable Knit

Oversized Wool & Camel Sweater ($945.00) / Cable Knit Sweater ($119.00)

On those days where your attire needs to be brought up from carefree(less) to casual elegance, a cable knit sweater is a must this season. Pair this lovely knit with black leggings or even the cigarette skinnies shown above, as well as ankle booties and you’re set. It’s almost the best kept secret. Feeling comfy, unrestricted while still looking feminine, in my personal opinion, not many items can meet those criterias. On the left, the gorgeous and highly priced sweater is a mix of camel and wool to bring comfort with beauty. However, for me, there’s not much of a difference besides the size of the sweater, which I prefer the more fitted one on the right. Perhaps, I like to save my pennies or expend them on other much needed items. To each their own.



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