SPOOKTACULAR, Halloween Party Decorating Tips

Halloween Party  Decorating Tips

Halloween Party Tips

Hosting a Halloween Party is not only easy but actually a lot of fun.

It’s one party, where a little ingenuity and a ton of creativity can come in handy.

However, for those who are looking for additional inspiration, I provided a couple steps to help your event be SPOOKTACULAR. Enjoy!

Halloween Party  Decorating Tip 1: Curb Side Appeal

Tip 1 Curb Side Appeal

Start the Halloween Party from the moment your guests arrive. Create the perfect outdoor ambiance with an assortment of hay bales, pumpkins, corn stalks, and your favorite florals in autumn colors. And for bonus points, add a scarecrow for the perfect harvest touch.

Halloween Party Decorating Tips Window Decal

Spooky Window Decal ($10.88)

Or try some easy window decals that can be placed in minutes for those that have little time.

Halloween Party Decorating Tips DIY Spider Sacks

These easy DIY Spider Sacks require only three items: Stockings, a glow stick and a water ballon. Place the glow stick in a water ballon filled with water. Use either clear or white stockings to hold your balloon and VOILA. Easy and relatively inexpensive.

Halloween Party  Decorating Tip 2: Home Decor

Halloween Party Decorating Home Decor

Carry the theme from the outside in, with inexpensive ideas shown below.

Halloween Party Decorating Tips haunted mantle

Halloween Party Decorating Tips bathroom

Halloween Party Decorating Tips entry

Halloween Party  Decorating Tip 3: Spooktacular Buffet

Halloween Party Decorating Tips Spooktacular Boo-fet

When setting your table, the easiest way to create a clean, eye-catching display that your guests will love is to choose one main color that will dominate and 2-3 similar tones that are either complimentary or analogous to it. Focus on a couple key items, such as a gorgeous centerpiece, as shown above, along with candles, and mix and matching dinnerware to create texture.

Halloween Party Decorating Tips Ghoulish Gothic

Goth can also be charming with a touch of sophistication.

Halloween Party Decorating Tips Table decor

KarasPartyideas.com is the one stop shop for ideas and inspiration…and not just for Halloween. She’s been called the Next Generation Martha Stuart, but I tend to find her taste and creativity even more enlightening. Sorry, Martha.

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