Wet-to-Dry Eyeshadow: What You Need to Know?

Want to add a “little pop” or dimension to your Eyeshadow…try this technique.

Wet to dry eyeshadow

Yes, another trend has hit the market and for those who are unaware the Wet-to-dryWet-to-dry eyeshadow eye shadows are those with some enormous versatility. Just think, a 7-color palette is magically transformed to 14 lustrous tones, when water is applied. Look at it as a glorious two-fer and it’s on makeup…the world is really a beautiful place. You have the normal beautiful shades for your everyday wear, but adding water intensifies a long-lasting pigment to make those beauties pop. And for those who are makeup-newbies or are just plain curious on what the hype is really about, I have put together some easy tricks as well as steps to keep this technique from becoming a little out of hand.

When it comes to this technique, just like any masters of a trade, you need to have the right tools. You wouldn’t paint a portrait with the same brush you would consider painting the exterior of your home, so why skimp on your lovely face. Here’s the skinny on what you need:

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