Wet-to-Dry Eyeshadow: What You Need to Know?

Wet-to-dry Eyeshadow Products

First off, the eyeshadow palette needs to be designated for “wet-to-dry.”  This is not a gimmic or a ploy for you to buy more, it’s really the truth…..go on, try it with the ones you already have…I’m sure you will see what I’m about to explain in a minute. What you will find, with those that are not labeled with such, is that these eyeshadows will tend to clump and flake off with each stroke of your brush. Yes, there are ways you can add a setting spray to your plain eyeshadow to provide a little more dimension, but the true-to-form wet-to-dry palettes will create much more drama and pigmentation. My favorite ones lately are YSL Pure Chromatics  or NARSissist Dual Intensity Eye Shadow.

Wet-to-dry Eyeshadow Technique

Now that you have the tools, lets get to the nitty-gritty on how to perfect this look. Slightly dampen, not liquidate your brush with water and saturate your brush with the color of your choice. You want to do this right on the first try, due to the continued mixing a wet products on wet, well create streaks. For an added boost of not only color but keeping the color set, you can use a cream based eyeshadow formula prior to adding the wet eyeshadow look.

Wet-to-dry eyeshadow some other things to keep in mind

  • Just like with any technique, once it’s set, IT’S SET. Don’t touch it or fiddle with trying to perfect it. It’s a wet-to-DRY technique, so you will create the streaks and clumps as stated before once it’s transformed.
  • Contact Wearers: Apply your contacts prior, (I know this rule might seem unhygienic), however, any water or moisture that is added after will ruin the finished application.
  • Do Not Add any liquid to the eyeshadow palette directly. Always apply it to the brush and then to the palette or your makeup may be ruined.

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