The Classy Color Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

Even for the most casual girl, the “Camel Color” can bring class to any outfit.

There’s somethinClassy Camel Colorg about the camel shade that brings luxury to even the most casual of outfits. From an oversized sweater to the classic trench coat, one can exude class with little effort. Yes, you can spend a fortune on an item in this color, but the beauty of this tone is that it really doesn’t have to be that pricey. And what’s even more impressive is the versatility that camel can bring to almost any color that you choose to pair it with in your wardrobe. Check out some of the ways that this shade can bring style to your favorite pieces. Enjoy!

Camel Color: Classic Trench Coat

 Pair this classic trench coat with an easy, effortless outfit like the ones above.

Camel Color Wool Hat

These chic floppy hats are perfect in every season for year-round style. For those budget conscious females, this gorgeous hat has been reduced from $44 to $17.60. Smart Shopping at it’s finest, don’t you think!?!

Camel Color: Cape

Rendered in a camel hue, the cape is the perfect investment for year-round wear. It especially goes well with a shift dress and/or knee high boots. This cape is only $40 and its gorgeous neutral tone will match any outfit you so desire. 

Camel on Camel

Nothing says chic like the camel-on-camel ensemble. For those who need a minimal splash of color, the addition of black to Ms. Beckham’s outfit brings the perfect amount of sophistication to her overall look. Or on the right, you can play with tones in the camel family and look just as sharp. The world is your oyster, so you choose what suits you.

Camel Color: Accessories

Layer on your look with these stylish camel colored accessories. Mix in gold for an even more upscale look. 


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