Kiss-Away Chapped Lips With these Lip Treatments


Best Lip Scrubs, DIY and More…

The Best Lip Treatement

With these dry and winter days right around the corner, preparing our skin should start right now. As we nourish and exfoliate our most vital organ, we tend to forget one key part of our beautiful faces….OUR LIPS.  And with the berry stained lips becoming the fall-to-winter trend; having a cracked or a lack-luster pout will ruin any beauty gals day. This is why I have provided three of my favorite lip scrubs to get you through these next couple of months. Below you will find DIY tutorials as well as the best in the beauty business for lip treatments that I have tried. Of course, this is my personal opinion, but I have gathered my girlfriends favorites as well, for just a little less bias. Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 11.08.31 PM

The Glamglow Poutmud Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment & Wet Lip Balm Treatment Duo: This treatment was given to me by one of my very good friends, and I have to tell you girls, it’s amazing. The two-step treatment is different than any lip scrubs I have tried, where the first step is a fizzy lip exfoliant that instantly smooths and softens your lips. It had a slight lemon taste that wasn’t too bitter or overpowering. The second step, hydrates and restores the lips with the combination of  sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, murmur butter, shea butter, tamanu oil, and babassu oil. It’s the perfect treatment for your lips.    

2. FRESH SUGAR LIP POLISH                                        

Fresh Sugar Lip ScrubThe Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is another Sephora favorite that seriously could be a meal in itself…not really, but it tastes damn good. Made with real brown sugar crystals, shea butter and oils of meadow foam seed, jojoba seed, and grape seed. A little bit can go quite a long way and it really softened and smoothed my dry lips. Prior to being given the GlamGlow, I followed this off with Burt’s Bees Honeysuckle Lip Balm.  It’s a great buy at $6.99 and has a gorgeous pearly pink tint for those days when you want to go au-naturel.


Givenchy Beauty Le Soin Noir Lip-Kit Colorless was highly recommended by my girlfriends from work, who all rave about the this luxurious Lip Kit. It has a slightly higher price tag but promises to do much more than buff. Givenchy promises to smooth as well as plump the lips in less than a week. It boasts a healthy review and with their own independent studies they state that 91% found their lips softer and  84% found their lips to be smoother.

DIY lip scrub and gloss

DIY lip scrub and glossHere are two great DYI lip scrubs as well as a special red hot lip gloss for those who want to try it at home.

1. DIY Rose Petal and Mint Lip Scrub: For a luxurious and oh-so-exatravagant sweet treat, try this rose petal and mint lip scrub. Click the link to go to the tutorial: ROSE PETAL AND MINT LIP SCRUB TUTORIAL

2. DIY Rosemary and Peppermint Lip Scrub: This clean and “junior mint” smelling lip scrub is definitely a keeper that I need to try.  DIY ROSEMARY AND PEPPERMINT LIP SCRUB

3. DIY Red Hot Lip Gloss: For those who want the reddest lips with a candy coded treat, try this DIY at home. Click the link: DIY LIP GLOSS TUTORIAL

Hope this was helpful and What’s your favorite lip remedy?


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