Joy Jewelers Stackable Expressions

stackable expressions

Happy Black Friday! I did all my shopping online today, since the combination of traffic and crazy crowds are not what I want to endure on my day off. Were any of you strong enough to beat the crowds? If so, how was it?

Well one thing that’s on my Christmas list is jewelry that I can stack. I mentioned this in my jewelry post, last week, that I’m very much a fan of anything that is dainty. My ring size is a 4, so most items that are way too large, tend to look hideous on me. However, I still like the idea of wearing more than a single band. This is why I really love how the stackable rings or bracelets, for the matter, look on me. You can choose one, four, to as many as you desire to create a look that is as unique as your very own style. And the different textures create such a stunning look. But if gold is not your favorite or you are looking for a little more glam, you can pick from hundreds of other styles, such as gemstones, sterling silver, figurative embellishments and much more. All of these rings start as low as $29.99. Find out more by clicking here Joy Jewelers stackable expressions. Have a wonderful Friday and have a safe weekend. See you on Monday.

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