Free Stock Photo Mockups for Christmas

 Free Christmas Themed Mockups. These are the next best thing to flat lays, especially for the busy blogger.

Free Stock Photo Mockup

Free Background Photo Mockup

I just discussed flat lays and now I moving onto Photo Mockups…but in reality, they are almost identical…a distant cousin, if anything. And for those who have little time, these editable images are the perfect alternative to the beautiful photos that the well known Instagramers are gaining fame for on the web.

So, what is a mockup? Well, for all intensive purposes, I’ll be referring to UI (user interface) mockups, when discussing it. In this case, I’m describing the interaction between the pre-formated images and the user (you and I, in this case). The nitty gritty is that mockups are the  full-sized model of the product being produced that can be edited prior to final production.  Perhaps, that’s a little confusing but what’s important about these or why they have gained popularity, especially in the blogging world, is based on the easy usability of these templates to produce high quality images for our blogs. For instance, with the image I designed above, the blogger can download the photo and edit it with a text of her choosing, which this could be useful for a personalized header. But the mockups go way beyond customizing text. You can also customize images, backgrounds and even format flat lay images that actually look real. (Note: At this moment, I’m learning how to format vectors in Illustrator, so my Mockup is only textual manipulation). But I’m giving it for FREE to you all. I’ll describe that below. But let’s look at some other great mockups so you can see the range of possibilities.

Photo Mockup Background 

photo mockup invitation background

Here’s another Background Mockup with text editing capabilities by Kristina&Co. For $10, you get this high quality JPG to edit just in time for the holidays. Check out her store, here.

Photo Mockup Scene Generator

Photo Mockup Scene Generator

photo mockup moveable desk items

For those who want a compete set, check out shop. Although it’s a little pricer than most, at $35.00 you are able to get a bundled set to create scenes with item manipulation for a more realistic image as the final product.

Photo Mockup Labels

photo mockup labelsFor $13.oo, grab this mockup by SZeta. Perfect for the ones who want to add high quality images to their storefront.

Here’s how to get my graphic for free:

  1. Like the post at the bottom and you can either send me an email to my personal account at (preferred) or link your email below in the comment section.

Note: Each purchase includes a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive use license. The purchase of any image on Lace to Lashes gives the Purchaser the right to use the item purchased for personal or commercial projects for yourself or your client, but the item can not be resold or redistributed on its own, given away, loaned, transferred, or used in a product offered for sale when the item contributes to the core value of the product is being sold. The purchaser can add text, overlay user images, crop and resize the file but may not manipulate, edit, or alter it in any other way. Lace to Lashes  is the sole owner of the design  and all copyright and/or intellectual copyrights belong exclusively to her.

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