100 Years of Wedding Gowns and Lingerie

100 Years of Wedding Gowns and Lingerie

100 Years of Lingerie

Back in April, when I first started writing, I shared a video that demonstrated the transformation of beauty trends throughout the last century as well as the fads that had instantly surfaced and just as quickly died. Since then, these “100 Years of (Fill in the Blank)” have been quite popular on Youtube. For me, these videos demonstrate why fashion is not about the labels or the amount of money spent on apparel or products. It’s a walking historical perspective of our society. Fashion shows the adaptation that society has demonstrated with cultural change. It speaks about the history of art and design. By just observation alone, you’re learning without realizing it. Every movement in art is commenced by a historical event or preceded by such. And when you really start to evaluate these eras, well, that’s when things start to get interesting. However, I’m starting to get off track and would love to discuss my fondness of Art, but this is about the 100 Years of Beauty, especially the ones I recently found.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend was browsing on Twitter and happened to come across this very obsession but in this case, it’s even better. It’s 100 Years of Wedding Gowns and Lingerie. I’ve copied both videos for your enjoyment. Perhaps it is just me, but if the lingerie video is correct, we have sincerely screwed up as time as gone on. But this could also explain why I’m such  a Vintage Girl at heart. Maybe I was born in the wrong time period, either way, these are some great videos to explore. Enjoy!

100 Years of Wedding Gowns

My favorite era has to be ’45 but I’m a sucker for lace.

100 Years of Lingerie

Everything from the ’70s and prior is splendid. However, after that, it looks plain and especially cheap.

What’s your opinion?

Motivational Monday: Are You Projecting or Protecting Your True Self

live out loud and be happy

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the faith. It will all be worth it in the end.

  • You will never make it?
  •  What are you doing that is so special?
  •  It’s going to be a lot of work and I don’t think you have what it takes?

I need to be honest, in that, all of the above have been (embarrassingly) muttered out of my mouth, when I first embarked on creating Lace to Lashes. My inner dialogue or self-critic had reared her ugly head at a time that I needed her to take a vacation. She pops up unannounced, uninvited, letting me know that she has arrived.

God, I despised her but strangely enough I embraced her with wide-open arms, listening to every word that she spoke. We all know this scenario, which results in you retreating back to the safe place, the place that you were originally trying to change.

But, I did something different this time, in that, I decided to question her statements.

You see, fear, isn’t something that you can ignore or avoid. It will return and if left to its own devices, it won’t be pretty. It’s that child-like story of the monsters under the bed that evokes your imagination to think the worst. However, as we grow older, the monsters are forgotten and now become our apprehension, our barrier on wanting to do something different….something better.

So, I decided that Fear was going to be an invited guest.

“Oh hey, Fear, I’m making important life decisions. So, glad you could make it.”

But how do we make this seemingly negative situation into a positive one: BY CHANGING YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

First off, fear does not equate with weakness. I think Marianne Williamson said it best:

Fear Inspirational Text

Yes, who are you not to be. Why hide your creativity from the world and me? J You are not meant to stand on the sidelines, but lead from the front.

This leads me to the next point: Question your fear or “Productive-Paranoia”

Recent results on successful Entrepreneurs saw that when they examined their fears, instead of dismissing them, they prepared for the problems that arose in their business.

What are you scared of? Or more importantly, what are your fears actually stating? Do you lack knowledge in a certain area? Google it, wiki it, ask an expert, or if it’s possible, look into shadowing someone that has the expertise in it. Do your skills need room for improvement? Take a class . Practice at home. Find the ways to show your fear that you mean business.

By evaluating your fears, you can formulate a plan for actual success.

And guess what? You need to do  things for actual failure. Stop making lists of tasks and start doing. This also allows you to find out what you really love or not. Trust me, that your initial plan of action may be modified in the end. And the more you do, the more your uninvited or invited guest will stay quiet. Yes, she will pipe up numerous times in the future, but continue to question her. Fear, why you such a hater?

Fear, why you such a hater