Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Best DIY Halloween Costumes

So, I recently did a post on Halloween Makeup, which I stated that throughout the month of October I would continue to post more inspiration for you to enjoy. I know it’s still September, but hell, its close enough. RIGHT?! I’m obsessed! Is their Halloween Anonymous?   (I bet no one is laughing at my jokes…I should have gotten more sleep).

Anyway…. This time, I decided to show a couple of costumes to stimulate your creativity. Some of these ideas are quite genius, as well as funny. While other costumes are simple for you DIYers. What’s important about all of them is that they are definitely unique. Click through each of the photos below to figure out how you’ll be “dressing up” for 2015. Happy Monday!

Best DIY Halloween Costumes: Ginger Bread Man

Best DIY Halloween Costumes Ginger Bread man

Kudos for the creativity, I must add.  I started out with one of the most simple but only a few can pull this off.

Supplies: Cardboard, A month’s worth of bread…and genetics or a bottle of Nice’N’Easy in “Copper Carrot.”



Foot Remedies Picture

Every once in a while, I become pretty impressed with myself. Finishing a post with ease, whipping up an amazing meal and/or reupholstering a camelback couch, for the first time, are all high on my trophy list. However, nothing compares to trying and perfectly executing a DIY Pinterest Pin, which I know many of you can relate. Us, DIY Pinners, have one thing in common: We have high expectations and sometimes time gets in our way. This is why the two DIY Foot Remedies I chose were not only quick but most importantly, really worked.

I’m pretty hard on my feet. Shift work at the hospital coupled with running each day has made my feet look pretty fugly. I love getting regular pedicures, however, finding the time to fit this in can be quite a task. So, I went searching for at-home treatments to put life back into my feet.

Both of these treatments use household items, so hopefully you have them in your own pantry. If not, they’re all relatively inexpensive. Besides saving money, the mere fact that you know what you are putting or placing on your skin should make you feel good. There are way too many beauty products that state “NATURAL,” when in reality, its farther from the truth. So try these remedies, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

DIY Foot Remedies: Foot Soak

DIY Foot Remedies: Foot Soak

Listerine and Vinegar are two items that I normally wouldn’t consider for a foot soak, but since I had both of these items, well…what the hell. And let me tell you, my feet were vitually scrubbed clean and smelled dentine fresh. All you need are the following:

2 cups Warm Water
1 cup Listerine
1 cup Vinegar
Tub/bowl that can fit both of your feet

Mix all the ingredients together and let your feet soak for roughly 20 minutes. Once finished, scrub dry with a towel and use a moisturizer to continue to soften your feet.

DIY Foot Remedies: Foot Scrub

DIY Foot Remedies Foot Scrub

Our local Pedispa has an amazing almond scrub for your hands and feet, which I wanted to try to replicate. I was unable to obtain any almond oil or extract, so instead I chose coconut oil. (Which, by the way, I love love love coconut oil; so you will soon see plenty of posts on its many uses).  Also, I added a couple drops of lavender & peppermint oil by AROMATHERAPY, however, you can add any essential oil that you see fit. This scrub had the same consistency as the Pedispa and I was truly happy with how it came out. It immediately softened and smoothed my feet on the first application and the smell was amazing. You can use this on your body and/or hands, as well as make a separate batch to keep in the shower.  Again, this treatment was simple with the following ingredients:

½ Cup Sugar
½ Cup Coconut Oil
5-10 Drops of Essential Oils (optional)
1 Airtight Jar

Mix all of the ingredients together and store in the Airtight jar for up to one month. Use one spoonful of the scrub for each application and scrub your feet or hands vigorously. This scrub was the highlight of my DIY foot remedies, since it turned out so well.

I hope you try both of these treatments and have just as much success. If you know of any other DIY treatments, please let me know. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Gladiator Sandals: Easy DIY to Create Length


DIY gladiator Sandals

A quick post, since it’s Saturday Night and yours truly should have left the house 10 minutes ago. However, from time to time a topic gets mentally rewritten so many times that I need to type it out before I lose my sanity.

Sorry, Megs, I promise I’ll be there soon.

I wanted to show this easy DIY project that I designed for a contest a couple of months ago. The contest had two requirements: 1).a Fashion DIY topic and 2). an Improvement for a general problem. Immediately, I thought of the gladiator sandal, due to the issues that I normally have encountered. For one, especially for petites, the gladiator sandal is designed for a standard calf length and tends to hit right at my knee. Not only does this cause irritation from the constant friction but it also creates an illusion of a shortened stature. I don’t know about you, but at 5’1” I’m not looking to become any shorter.

DIY Gladiator Sandals will Increase Your Height

Why is this, you may ask, well in the presence of this certain time constraint, I’ll quickly answer this to the best of my knowledge without finding any scientific evidence. (Who needs Science anyway) 🙂 The reason for this illusion is the visual effect that the boots create by ending right at the knee. This causes the viewer, your peers or your friends, to see the length of your leg cut in half. Therefore, the easiest way to increase this length is to avoid anything that causes such a severe abruption from head to toe, i.e boots that cut at the knee creates this horizontal disturbance. By trying this DIY you can choose how far up the calf you want to go, which if I may give my two esthetic cents, you want it to stop at least 1-2 inches below the knee. This is one way “We Shorties” can fib our way to Model Stature. Now off I go before I catch hell and I hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe night. Happy Styling!

DIY Saturday with JUTE

DIY Saturday Twine Vase

Hello World

I realized that since I’ve gotten further in this blog that my interests are quite vast. I mentioned this in my second or third post that my hobbies are to have hobbies. However, to you, the beautiful viewers, my blog is a grab bag of passions on any given day. So, keeping with “Back to School” and making life a little more uncluttered, I decided to cleanup my act and provide a better solution for readability. Hopefully, I can stick to a plan that I have designed for myself, but here it is:

Monday: Fashion and Style: Inspiration, ideas, How-To’s, etc

Wednesday: Home/Interior Design, Party Planning, and Artful Inspiration

Friday: Beauty, Hair, and Makeup

Saturday: DIY

If any of you multi-talented or multi-topic bloggers have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

So, in honor of DIY-Saturday….Lets start this!


“Vase resurfaced with Jute Twine”

This project was designed by my sister, who is the “DIY QUEEN,” of our house. She purchased the Jute at, click here for this as well as other great discounts that this site offers. Her vase and decorative ball mix were both purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Supplies for Twine Vase

The photo below was taken from Es Manualidades and can be used for reference of the steps provided below. Her blog is fully packed with DIY and is a great site for other ideas.

Tutorial Wrapping Twine

  1. To begin, place a small drop of glue at the bottom-side of the base and adhere the end of the twine to it. Allow this to dry for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Next, twist the twine around the base, adding a drop of glue every two inches. Make sure the twine is taut against the side of the base to prevent sagging.
  3. Continue, the above steps, until the vase starts to bend inward. At this point, you will need to add the drops of glue every inch or less, depending on how narrow your vase changes. If you still have trouble adhering the twine, you can place a small amount of glue on top of your last row laid for extra adherence.
  4. To end: Place a small drop of glue and adhere the newly cut end of your twine until it dries.


Jute Twine Finished Vase

Fill it with whatever you see fit or wrap a bow around it for extra flair.

I hope this gave you inspiration and enjoy!

Free Templates: Just In Time for School

Hello World,

School is just around the corner and if you are living in the South, this means 3 weeks away. So in honor of this wonderful event, at least for most of the parents, I wanted to share some freebies, tips and tricks to commence this school year in an easy way. So during this time, my M.O. will be to at least devote one post to ringing in the school year with ease. I, also, have been hired, this year, to design a couple of the teacher’s classrooms in our local area. I knew teaching was an enormous task, but the prep work to organize the classroom is a whole other dimension. (A Big Thank You to All You, Teachers). Since organization is a task that I am always looking to improve or find ways to make it fun, I decided to make these labels that are free for everyone. This is a great way for teachers, students, or even parents who want a decorative touch to this mundane task. If you would like these gorgeous labels for easy printing, just join my mailing list and I will send it to you for free. You will also have the opportunity to get other great and free resources that I have specifically made for my subscribers. I would recommend printing these at Office Max or Staples as they will require more than average amount of your colored ink. Each of them are 2.5″ x 2.5″ and they can easily be edited once you open them in Microsoft Word.  Enjoy the Rest of Summer!

8 Free Printables

Three Easy DIY Projects to Display Your Gorgeous Jewelry

DIY Jewelry Display

If you’re like me, you have probably wasted an enormous amount of time searching for jewelry that has somehow “disappeared.” Perhaps, it’s been overlooked due to an already over-stuffed drawer by every other trinket that I fancy. One solution could be to sort out those that i often wear from those that have not seen life in years, but my collection is far too great. So, I went searching for ideas that fit my needs. Not only do I want it to be accessible, but I also want it to be a work of art. So none of the following will be stored away or used solely for organization.


Jewelry Cloches

click here for instructions

The first one I found was on Honestly WTF. If you haven’t heard or checked out this site, I insist that you do. It has numerous other DIY projects for every area you can think of, as well as other great tips and inspirations with gorgeous pictures. Not only is this beautiful, but it also has the added benefit of keeping your gems from collecting dust.


Clay Jewelry Dish

click here for instructions

A Beautiful Mess is one of my favorite blogs to find unique and beautiful DIYs. These marbled clay dishes are ideal for rings, and according to Laura Gummerman they are perfect for “ring litterers” or those who tend to leave their rings scattered throughout their house.


DIY jewelry stand

click here for instructions

This project also uses vintage plates but in a tiered style for added elegance. This was found on, another great site for DIY tutorials, where the total project cost less than $4. Amazing, right!

As you can see, there are so many ways than the standard armoire that can proudly show your sense of taste. If you would like other DIY projects for the home, beauty, and even fashion; just click here. Hope you get inspired and have a wonderful day!

“SCESTS”!! Sexy Secrets to the Hottest Look this Summer.


Since I’m an official fashion blogger, due to this being my fourth post, I thought I would share a summer secret that would knock your socks off.

Some of you might think that culottes will be the official summer trend, but I’m sorry, you’re wrong. Those Cankle-causing beauties come nothing close to this. Numero Uno for the summer is called the Scest. What’s a Scest you say? Well, its truly magnificent and I bet you have one at home. First, we need to gather the materials. (Yes, you need to make it, but I have faith you wont have trouble).

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