This Thanksgiving Try These Casual Outfits

Keep it Casual  with these Thanksgiving Outfits

Easy Thanksgiving casual outfit

Perhaps, the thoughts regarding “what to pack” or wear for Thanksgiving this year may be quite premature given that Halloween has just past. However, as we all know, the major problem with time is that we never seem to have enough. So this year, I decided to get a jump start on Thanksgiving to make the Holidays a little easier and less stressful.

For my family and I, our Thanksgiving attire is pretty laid back. Not sweatpants laid-back, but stilettos or anything uber tight can be left for New Years. This is why I created this casual outfit that’s sophisticated enough for the family without appearing sloppy. Below you can find where to shop for the completed look. I also provided additional items that are similar to mix and match. Enjoy!

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Fashion Report: The High/Low list

Fashion’s, Best Deals and Investments this Month

Fashion's High Low Report

My most recent high/low list on beauty turned out to have quite a positive review, that recreating it with fashion, made the most sense. However with fashion, I’m a little methodical with my purchases, especially in those that I consider their quality outshines their value, as in my unhealthy love affair with J Brand Jeans. Yes, they cost a mint, but my petite frame has trouble finding jeans that actually fit. So, when it comes to things I truly have a strong affection towards, my choices are directed towards the make or characteristics of the material, the production, as well as the design; not the price. And if you really think about it, you may be saving money with the inexpensive one, however, if it wears or breaks soon after you purchase it, you will only be spending more to replace it. But this doesn’t mean that high-priced items translates to worthiness. No, in fact, with a little digging and/or reviewing, you can find the best happy-medium.

Below, I designed three of my favorite items for this season. When compared side by side, you have the ability to discern what works best for you and especially where you want to invest or save. Enjoy!

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Plum Hair Color: Different Is Good

Plum Hair Color: Going Aubergine

Plum Hair Color

Happy Monday, Everyone!

So, I did something a little drastic with my hair, but I couldn’t be happier with the dramatic results. On my last post, I discussed one of the latest beauty trends, Ecaille. I was determined to have this done and even set up an appointment this past Friday. However, when I walked in things changed. You see, sitting in 8 other chairs were females getting the same color process. Trust me, Ecaille is beautiful, however, I’ve always been someone who marches to the beat of her own drum. I knew immediately that I didn’t want it but I was sick of my boring locks. So when I told my stylist that I was thinking of going red…maybe even plum, his eyes lit up. And the rest was history. Oh…and it’s Aubergine…not Plum. Lets be serious, please. 🙂

Check out the before and after as well as the in-between. Enjoy!!

Untitled design-3

S@#%, just got real.

Untitled design-2

My best friend and the amazing Stylist, Carlos throwing up their approval.

Plum Hair Styles

Plum Hair Shampoo

And one product to help keep your Red or Plum deep and vibrant. It’s formulated to help keep your color from fading between washes. The package is also quite beautiful don’t you think.

Plum Hair Shampoo

ORIBE Shampoo for Beautiful Color 39.00

Plum Hair Styles

5 Beauty Trends You Should Know

5 Beauty Trends You Should Know

Beauty Trends

When it comes to fads, I’m not one to jump on the “band-wagon,” so to speak. My mentality is to wait out the storm and see what the overall conception of the product produces over time. However, some trends are just too good or weird  and should be shown to you all. I should admit that I haven’t tried all of these items. In fact, one of them, “Sprouts from the Head,” has not been released to the U.S. but it was innovative enough to show to you all. Enjoy!

Beauty Trend: Microneedling

Beauty Trends Microneedling

I own and love the Rodan + Fields Redefine AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller. This at-home device is one innovation that is intended to stimulate collagen production. On a larger scale, this treatment called microneedling, is actually performed at a physicians office, where the microneedle is combined with radio-frequency to improve and plump skin damaged by acne, deep wrinkles and scars.

Beauty Trend: Ecaille

Beauty Trends Ecaille

Move over ombre and the softer version sombre, we now have a new force in town, Ecaille. This Parisian style is the latest 2015 trend and is the richer, more natural form of the ombre look. More dimension is added with richer browns and golden or caramel balayage is placed around the head. I, for one, love this technique and have actually made an appointment to have this reproduced. Stay tuned for those photos.

100 Years of Wedding Gowns and Lingerie

100 Years of Wedding Gowns and Lingerie

100 Years of Lingerie

Back in April, when I first started writing, I shared a video that demonstrated the transformation of beauty trends throughout the last century as well as the fads that had instantly surfaced and just as quickly died. Since then, these “100 Years of (Fill in the Blank)” have been quite popular on Youtube. For me, these videos demonstrate why fashion is not about the labels or the amount of money spent on apparel or products. It’s a walking historical perspective of our society. Fashion shows the adaptation that society has demonstrated with cultural change. It speaks about the history of art and design. By just observation alone, you’re learning without realizing it. Every movement in art is commenced by a historical event or preceded by such. And when you really start to evaluate these eras, well, that’s when things start to get interesting. However, I’m starting to get off track and would love to discuss my fondness of Art, but this is about the 100 Years of Beauty, especially the ones I recently found.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend was browsing on Twitter and happened to come across this very obsession but in this case, it’s even better. It’s 100 Years of Wedding Gowns and Lingerie. I’ve copied both videos for your enjoyment. Perhaps it is just me, but if the lingerie video is correct, we have sincerely screwed up as time as gone on. But this could also explain why I’m such  a Vintage Girl at heart. Maybe I was born in the wrong time period, either way, these are some great videos to explore. Enjoy!

100 Years of Wedding Gowns

My favorite era has to be ’45 but I’m a sucker for lace.

100 Years of Lingerie

Everything from the ’70s and prior is splendid. However, after that, it looks plain and especially cheap.

What’s your opinion?

Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Best DIY Halloween Costumes

So, I recently did a post on Halloween Makeup, which I stated that throughout the month of October I would continue to post more inspiration for you to enjoy. I know it’s still September, but hell, its close enough. RIGHT?! I’m obsessed! Is their Halloween Anonymous?   (I bet no one is laughing at my jokes…I should have gotten more sleep).

Anyway…. This time, I decided to show a couple of costumes to stimulate your creativity. Some of these ideas are quite genius, as well as funny. While other costumes are simple for you DIYers. What’s important about all of them is that they are definitely unique. Click through each of the photos below to figure out how you’ll be “dressing up” for 2015. Happy Monday!

Best DIY Halloween Costumes: Ginger Bread Man

Best DIY Halloween Costumes Ginger Bread man

Kudos for the creativity, I must add.  I started out with one of the most simple but only a few can pull this off.

Supplies: Cardboard, A month’s worth of bread…and genetics or a bottle of Nice’N’Easy in “Copper Carrot.”

Get the Look for Less this Fall


Get the Look for Less

Happy Fall, which if you didn’t realize this, it officially started yesterday. For me, autumn is probably my favorite time of year. My birthday, Halloween, the changing of the leaves, and I get to pullout my ever growing collection of boots; which all accumulate to why this season is at the top of my list. However for some, cooler weather can be quite depressing. So to forget that our toes are no longer in the sand, I came up with 3 looks from some very stylish Fashionistas, in order to get their looks for less. It may not persuade you to love this changing temperature but at least you can look good while pouting.

Click through each page to find out how to score big while spending less. Happy Styling!

Get the Look For Less: Taylor Swift

Get the Look for Less Taylor Swift-2

Look for Less Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift stepped out in London wearing this stylish and oh-so cozy cape. Although the real cost of this little number is unknown, the Walk Trendy version will only set you back $17.00. Coupled with the forest green skinnies and the burgundy boots and you have yourself an outfit. Yes, this is smart fashion at its finest.

Fall Dresses: Top 5 Trends


Fall Dresses

I hate to even write this post, since today is absolutely gorgeous. However, let’s face it, “Fall is Coming.” (Yes, that was a GOT shout-out ☺). So, let’s prepare our wardrobe with the best dresses for fall and with this season its all about the knits, the colors, and the cut-outs, which I think you’ll be pleasantly (well, at least I hope) surprised.

Click through the top dresses to add to your growing collection. Happy Styling!

Designer Bag Investment: 5 Easy Tips

Designer Bag Investment: 5 Easy Tips

Designer Bag Investment

Designer Bag

So, you finally can afford the DESIGNER BAG that you have been eyeing for months, if not years. First off, Congratulations! Being savvy and smart with your savings is a job well done. However, is it the right investment for your personal style.  Yes, you may absolutely want that gorgeous LV clutch that seems to go with every emerald dress you own, which by the way, you only have two. However, right now were discussing your first designer bag for that hard-earned cash that you worked tirelessly to save. Therefore, it needs to be classy not trendy, something that will last and most importantly, something that you can wear often, if not daily. So, lets wait on the clutch for now and find the perfect bag that you can show off. Remember this bag will outlast most of your romantic relationships, so we want to put thought into this one. 🙂 Click through the top 5 tips to consider before you buy this investment that I know you deserve.

Rebecca Minkoff: 2016 Preview Collection

Rebecca Minkoff 2016 Preview Collection


Rebecca Minkoff’s collection is an eclectic treasure chest filled with pieces for everyone’s tailored taste. Her exclusive bags coupled with her custom-made clothing makes this designer a great choice to add to your ensemble. If you haven’t checked out her newest arrivals, don’t worry, since I provided some of my favorite pieces that you can feast your eyes on. If you’re anxious for more, check out the latest arrivals here. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Now on to the good stuff. 🙂

Click through each of the pages to find the best ways to wear this stunning collection. Enjoy!!