Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween Makeup Tutorials


As we’re winding down on September, I thought getting a head start on Halloween would be a wonderful introduction to October. Perhaps, you’re not a fan of MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. The day that not only signifies to wear less and get away with it, but your poor makeup habits can come in handy…”Hey, I meant to look like a cheap whore. I even practiced it.” And with the prices of costumes equaling a paycheck, what better way to stand out then using your own makeup to perfect the best costume….EVER. It’s simple, inexpensive and I’m pretty sure no one will have your attire. So I took the liberty of finding three great tutorials to get you started. (Click through each page at the bottom to see more). I even commenced with a picture of myself, so you can see where I started and how I probably didn’t “Nail It.”

Note: Be Nice 🙂


Dismiss the bare midriff. I know its “so 2010” but I was trying to bring it back, which it didn’t work. So lets move on…..

Best Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Pin-up Skeleton

Best Halloween Makeup Pin-up Skeleton

Pin-up Skeleton Tutorial

On the fence between looking freaky or glamorous, well this tutorial is the best of both worlds. Add black leggings and a similar colored top and your outfit is set. This might be my costume for this year.

Easy HairStyles For Long Hair

Easy HairStyles For Long Hair: 5 Ways to Make Your Morning Better

5 Easy Hairstyles

So, I have a confession…I’m not a morning person. I tend to hit the snooze button three to four times and I even have an alarm that goes off in multiple successions, just to get my butt out of bed. This translates to little time to get ready for the day and get out the door. And for me, my hair tends to take the majority of my time. My long brunette locks have a special kink, when not straightened, and I’m not in favor of using hot appliances, continually, on it. Therefor, finding easy, time-efficient methods, to still look prepped for the day, is something that I gravitate towards. This is why these 5 easy hairstyles are a godsend. All of them can be done in less than 5 minutes and you will still have time to hit the snooze button…maybe one more time.

I designed each of the photos below, however, these 5 hairstyles were found on YouTube, which I’ll link each of the users below the picture. Happy Styling! 🙂

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair: French Braid Finished with a Bow

5 Easy Hairstyles French Braid

French Braid Tutorial

This french braid finished with a bow,  may be somewhat on the advanced side, but once you get the hang of it, it’s gorgeous for 2nd day hair.



Foot Remedies Picture

Every once in a while, I become pretty impressed with myself. Finishing a post with ease, whipping up an amazing meal and/or reupholstering a camelback couch, for the first time, are all high on my trophy list. However, nothing compares to trying and perfectly executing a DIY Pinterest Pin, which I know many of you can relate. Us, DIY Pinners, have one thing in common: We have high expectations and sometimes time gets in our way. This is why the two DIY Foot Remedies I chose were not only quick but most importantly, really worked.

I’m pretty hard on my feet. Shift work at the hospital coupled with running each day has made my feet look pretty fugly. I love getting regular pedicures, however, finding the time to fit this in can be quite a task. So, I went searching for at-home treatments to put life back into my feet.

Both of these treatments use household items, so hopefully you have them in your own pantry. If not, they’re all relatively inexpensive. Besides saving money, the mere fact that you know what you are putting or placing on your skin should make you feel good. There are way too many beauty products that state “NATURAL,” when in reality, its farther from the truth. So try these remedies, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

DIY Foot Remedies: Foot Soak

DIY Foot Remedies: Foot Soak

Listerine and Vinegar are two items that I normally wouldn’t consider for a foot soak, but since I had both of these items, well…what the hell. And let me tell you, my feet were vitually scrubbed clean and smelled dentine fresh. All you need are the following:

2 cups Warm Water
1 cup Listerine
1 cup Vinegar
Tub/bowl that can fit both of your feet

Mix all the ingredients together and let your feet soak for roughly 20 minutes. Once finished, scrub dry with a towel and use a moisturizer to continue to soften your feet.

DIY Foot Remedies: Foot Scrub

DIY Foot Remedies Foot Scrub

Our local Pedispa has an amazing almond scrub for your hands and feet, which I wanted to try to replicate. I was unable to obtain any almond oil or extract, so instead I chose coconut oil. (Which, by the way, I love love love coconut oil; so you will soon see plenty of posts on its many uses).  Also, I added a couple drops of lavender & peppermint oil by AROMATHERAPY, however, you can add any essential oil that you see fit. This scrub had the same consistency as the Pedispa and I was truly happy with how it came out. It immediately softened and smoothed my feet on the first application and the smell was amazing. You can use this on your body and/or hands, as well as make a separate batch to keep in the shower.  Again, this treatment was simple with the following ingredients:

½ Cup Sugar
½ Cup Coconut Oil
5-10 Drops of Essential Oils (optional)
1 Airtight Jar

Mix all of the ingredients together and store in the Airtight jar for up to one month. Use one spoonful of the scrub for each application and scrub your feet or hands vigorously. This scrub was the highlight of my DIY foot remedies, since it turned out so well.

I hope you try both of these treatments and have just as much success. If you know of any other DIY treatments, please let me know. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Best Skin Care Routine for Early 30s

Best Skin Care Routine for Early 30s-What You Should Be Doing Right Now

Best Skin Care picture

Hitting your “Dirty 30s” should be a moment for celebration. You finally made it out of your adventurous and, at times, carefree(less), Y-O-L-O-20s. This decade may have shaped your into the saintly female you are right now, but your skin probably took a beating. Have no worries, my friends, since I have provided a daily regimen to lead you agelessly into your 40s and perhaps even reverse the clock to your youthful 20s.

Roughly two months ago, I was offered an opportunity that I could not resist (I’ll speak more about this soon, I promise). I realized that this amazing chance will throw me into the spotlight and my own skin care routine was less than par. So, along with continuing to eat well, hydrating as well as obtaining a goodnight’s sleep; I needed to “beef” up my daily routine. I have hyperpigmentation that is due to a nasty habit of picking at my skin in my 20’s. This coupled with not routinely wearing sunscreen created the discoloration. However, there’s good news; my hyperpigmentation is virtually gone and will continue to diminish by following the steps I provided.

Although, this routine consists of 7 steps, each one is not only simple but requires minimal time. In fact, the entire regimen may be done in less than 20 minutes.

Best Skin Care Routine Step 1 & 2: Double Wash

Best Skin Care Routine Remove Impurities

Perfect Cleanse Nourishing Cleansing Oil ($36.00)

Have you ever noticed how flawless Korean skin appears? Not only at a young age are they taught to maintain and protect this vital organ, but they do so with a 7 to sometimes 17 step routine. I’m not disciplined enough for 17 steps, however, I love the idea of Double Washing. The first wash is meant to remove the makeup and dirt without drying out the skin by using an oil based product. I use this daily in the morning and night. When cleansing your skin, make sure to protect your skin by doing small, circular motions all around your face. The second wash is with a creamy, nourishing cleanser to remove the remaining dirt/makeup and once again, the same soft, circular motions are performed.

Best Skin Care Routine Cleanse

Special Cleansing Gel ($36.00)

OMBRE LIPS Easy “How-To”

OMBRE LIPS Recommendations and “How-To”

Lace to Lashes Ombre Lips

Ombre Lips: THINK Gradation Not Color Blocking

The above picture was taken recently and shows my love for this trend that never wants to end. Whether you favor its chromatic composition or you’re seeking new ways to enlarge your kissable pout, ombre lips have seen an amazingly healthy rise, especially in creativity. It’s dramatic and dynamic with its elaborate pigmentation and when done correctly, I believe it can be quite stunning.  And like every trend, the execution of the steps is critical to get to the desired looks. This is why I shared my favorite tutorial so you can download and save for the next rainy-day.

Ombre Lips How-To-1