Plum Hair Color: Different Is Good

Plum Hair Color: Going Aubergine

Plum Hair Color

Happy Monday, Everyone!

So, I did something a little drastic with my hair, but I couldn’t be happier with the dramatic results. On my last post, I discussed one of the latest beauty trends, Ecaille. I was determined to have this done and even set up an appointment this past Friday. However, when I walked in things changed. You see, sitting in 8 other chairs were females getting the same color process. Trust me, Ecaille is beautiful, however, I’ve always been someone who marches to the beat of her own drum. I knew immediately that I didn’t want it but I was sick of my boring locks. So when I told my stylist that I was thinking of going red…maybe even plum, his eyes lit up. And the rest was history. Oh…and it’s Aubergine…not Plum. Lets be serious, please. 🙂

Check out the before and after as well as the in-between. Enjoy!!

Untitled design-3

S@#%, just got real.

Untitled design-2

My best friend and the amazing Stylist, Carlos throwing up their approval.

Plum Hair Styles

Plum Hair Shampoo

And one product to help keep your Red or Plum deep and vibrant. It’s formulated to help keep your color from fading between washes. The package is also quite beautiful don’t you think.

Plum Hair Shampoo

ORIBE Shampoo for Beautiful Color 39.00

Plum Hair Styles

5 Beauty Trends You Should Know

5 Beauty Trends You Should Know

Beauty Trends

When it comes to fads, I’m not one to jump on the “band-wagon,” so to speak. My mentality is to wait out the storm and see what the overall conception of the product produces over time. However, some trends are just too good or weird  and should be shown to you all. I should admit that I haven’t tried all of these items. In fact, one of them, “Sprouts from the Head,” has not been released to the U.S. but it was innovative enough to show to you all. Enjoy!

Beauty Trend: Microneedling

Beauty Trends Microneedling

I own and love the Rodan + Fields Redefine AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller. This at-home device is one innovation that is intended to stimulate collagen production. On a larger scale, this treatment called microneedling, is actually performed at a physicians office, where the microneedle is combined with radio-frequency to improve and plump skin damaged by acne, deep wrinkles and scars.

Beauty Trend: Ecaille

Beauty Trends Ecaille

Move over ombre and the softer version sombre, we now have a new force in town, Ecaille. This Parisian style is the latest 2015 trend and is the richer, more natural form of the ombre look. More dimension is added with richer browns and golden or caramel balayage is placed around the head. I, for one, love this technique and have actually made an appointment to have this reproduced. Stay tuned for those photos.