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Best Skin Care Routine for Early 30s

Best Skin Care Routine for Early 30s-What You Should Be Doing Right Now

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Hitting your “Dirty 30s” should be a moment for celebration. You finally made it out of your adventurous and, at times, carefree(less), Y-O-L-O-20s. This decade may have shaped your into the saintly female you are right now, but your skin probably took a beating. Have no worries, my friends, since I have provided a daily regimen to lead you agelessly into your 40s and perhaps even reverse the clock to your youthful 20s.

Roughly two months ago, I was offered an opportunity that I could not resist (I’ll speak more about this soon, I promise). I realized that this amazing chance will throw me into the spotlight and my own skin care routine was less than par. So, along with continuing to eat well, hydrating as well as obtaining a goodnight’s sleep; I needed to “beef” up my daily routine. I have hyperpigmentation that is due to a nasty habit of picking at my skin in my 20’s. This coupled with not routinely wearing sunscreen created the discoloration. However, there’s good news; my hyperpigmentation is virtually gone and will continue to diminish by following the steps I provided.

Although, this routine consists of 7 steps, each one is not only simple but requires minimal time. In fact, the entire regimen may be done in less than 20 minutes.

Best Skin Care Routine Step 1 & 2: Double Wash

Best Skin Care Routine Remove Impurities

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Have you ever noticed how flawless Korean skin appears? Not only at a young age are they taught to maintain and protect this vital organ, but they do so with a 7 to sometimes 17 step routine. I’m not disciplined enough for 17 steps, however, I love the idea of Double Washing. The first wash is meant to remove the makeup and dirt without drying out the skin by using an oil based product. I use this daily in the morning and night. When cleansing your skin, make sure to protect your skin by doing small, circular motions all around your face. The second wash is with a creamy, nourishing cleanser to remove the remaining dirt/makeup and once again, the same soft, circular motions are performed.

Best Skin Care Routine Cleanse

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