The Classy Color Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

Even for the most casual girl, the “Camel Color” can bring class to any outfit.

There’s somethinClassy Camel Colorg about the camel shade that brings luxury to even the most casual of outfits. From an oversized sweater to the classic trench coat, one can exude class with little effort. Yes, you can spend a fortune on an item in this color, but the beauty of this tone is that it really doesn’t have to be that pricey. And what’s even more impressive is the versatility that camel can bring to almost any color that you choose to pair it with in your wardrobe. Check out some of the ways that this shade can bring style to your favorite pieces. Enjoy!

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15 Military Inspired Pieces For this Fall

This Fall Gear Up on These Military Inspired Pieces

Military Inspired PiecesThe Utilitarian Look, at times, gets a bad rap. Perhaps it’s due to the cumbersome structure of some of the pieces that has most looking far from feminine. But your in luck this fall, since the fall gear is everything we hoped it would be. From the Twill panel trench coats to the gorgeous suede capes. This year, Military has been taken to a whole new level and I’m glad to see its come back. Click through some inspiration for you to grab to add to your fall collection. Enjoy!

Fashion Report: The High/Low list

Fashion’s, Best Deals and Investments this Month

Fashion's High Low Report

My most recent high/low list on beauty turned out to have quite a positive review, that recreating it with fashion, made the most sense. However with fashion, I’m a little methodical with my purchases, especially in those that I consider their quality outshines their value, as in my unhealthy love affair with J Brand Jeans. Yes, they cost a mint, but my petite frame has trouble finding jeans that actually fit. So, when it comes to things I truly have a strong affection towards, my choices are directed towards the make or characteristics of the material, the production, as well as the design; not the price. And if you really think about it, you may be saving money with the inexpensive one, however, if it wears or breaks soon after you purchase it, you will only be spending more to replace it. But this doesn’t mean that high-priced items translates to worthiness. No, in fact, with a little digging and/or reviewing, you can find the best happy-medium.

Below, I designed three of my favorite items for this season. When compared side by side, you have the ability to discern what works best for you and especially where you want to invest or save. Enjoy!

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Get the Look for Less this Fall


Get the Look for Less

Happy Fall, which if you didn’t realize this, it officially started yesterday. For me, autumn is probably my favorite time of year. My birthday, Halloween, the changing of the leaves, and I get to pullout my ever growing collection of boots; which all accumulate to why this season is at the top of my list. However for some, cooler weather can be quite depressing. So to forget that our toes are no longer in the sand, I came up with 3 looks from some very stylish Fashionistas, in order to get their looks for less. It may not persuade you to love this changing temperature but at least you can look good while pouting.

Click through each page to find out how to score big while spending less. Happy Styling!

Get the Look For Less: Taylor Swift

Get the Look for Less Taylor Swift-2

Look for Less Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift stepped out in London wearing this stylish and oh-so cozy cape. Although the real cost of this little number is unknown, the Walk Trendy version will only set you back $17.00. Coupled with the forest green skinnies and the burgundy boots and you have yourself an outfit. Yes, this is smart fashion at its finest.

Fall Dresses: Top 5 Trends


Fall Dresses

I hate to even write this post, since today is absolutely gorgeous. However, let’s face it, “Fall is Coming.” (Yes, that was a GOT shout-out ☺). So, let’s prepare our wardrobe with the best dresses for fall and with this season its all about the knits, the colors, and the cut-outs, which I think you’ll be pleasantly (well, at least I hope) surprised.

Click through the top dresses to add to your growing collection. Happy Styling!