Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Best DIY Halloween Costumes

So, I recently did a post on Halloween Makeup, which I stated that throughout the month of October I would continue to post more inspiration for you to enjoy. I know it’s still September, but hell, its close enough. RIGHT?! I’m obsessed! Is their Halloween Anonymous?   (I bet no one is laughing at my jokes…I should have gotten more sleep).

Anyway…. This time, I decided to show a couple of costumes to stimulate your creativity. Some of these ideas are quite genius, as well as funny. While other costumes are simple for you DIYers. What’s important about all of them is that they are definitely unique. Click through each of the photos below to figure out how you’ll be “dressing up” for 2015. Happy Monday!

Best DIY Halloween Costumes: Ginger Bread Man

Best DIY Halloween Costumes Ginger Bread man

Kudos for the creativity, I must add.  I started out with one of the most simple but only a few can pull this off.

Supplies: Cardboard, A month’s worth of bread…and genetics or a bottle of Nice’N’Easy in “Copper Carrot.”

Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween Makeup Tutorials


As we’re winding down on September, I thought getting a head start on Halloween would be a wonderful introduction to October. Perhaps, you’re not a fan of MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. The day that not only signifies to wear less and get away with it, but your poor makeup habits can come in handy…”Hey, I meant to look like a cheap whore. I even practiced it.” And with the prices of costumes equaling a paycheck, what better way to stand out then using your own makeup to perfect the best costume….EVER. It’s simple, inexpensive and I’m pretty sure no one will have your attire. So I took the liberty of finding three great tutorials to get you started. (Click through each page at the bottom to see more). I even commenced with a picture of myself, so you can see where I started and how I probably didn’t “Nail It.”

Note: Be Nice 🙂


Dismiss the bare midriff. I know its “so 2010” but I was trying to bring it back, which it didn’t work. So lets move on…..

Best Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Pin-up Skeleton

Best Halloween Makeup Pin-up Skeleton

Pin-up Skeleton Tutorial

On the fence between looking freaky or glamorous, well this tutorial is the best of both worlds. Add black leggings and a similar colored top and your outfit is set. This might be my costume for this year.