Lingerie Style: 5 Ideas to Embrace


For the Love of Lingerie

Just like every female needs a LBD, the right lingerie will set the foundation for a completed look. But today lets hold off on discussing the general or everyday wear, and get to the fun stuff, the unmentionables that I believe, deserve more mentioning.

Below I created five lingerie sets to provide inspiration for your next photo shoot and/or personal collection. I, also, recommended where you could shop to achieve each of these styles. Enjoy!!

Of note: I do not own the individual pictures in each of these sets, however, the structure and design of each creation is of my own. As well as, the stores I provided were not compensated nor are providing any monetary gain. They are all of my personal opinions.

LINGERIE STYLE 1: “El Vecinita”…The Girl Next DOOR

lingerie picture



“El Vecinita” or The Girl Next Door is gorgeous for her all-natural beauty.

Where To Shop: Anthropolgie, Le Mystere, Cosabella

LINGERIE STYLE 2: The Tempting Tomboy

lingerie types tom boy

Where to Shop: Check out this Etsy shop that covers everything from bras to underwear to even men’s apparel. Yes, even umm…”Dick Vadar.” No, I’m not kidding.

Or, you can check out this Pinterest board for more ideas.